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A note about Mental Health, written by our TA, Miss Norsworthy

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First of all I’d like to say hello to everyone, and hope that you are all keeping well and safe during this time. We have heard a lot about how we can keep ourselves and others safe around us by following all the advice given to us regarding washing our hands and social distancing, but I’d like to just grab your attention and talk about how we can look after not only your own but our children’s mental health and managing our wellbeing during such times. 

Create a routine that prioritises looking after yourself and others.

Here are my five easy steps to follow at home for mental wellbeing.


Try and help children stay connected to friends and loved ones, whether that’s an hour a day on a supervised gaming platform or a telephone. We like to FaceTime our loved ones in my household . It will help them stay connected to family and friends.

2.Be active

My favourite! Put an hour a day aside to go outside; with this lovely weather you can dust those bikes off and go for a ride, or even have a kick about. Try to encourage exercise daily – it will do wonders for your wellbeing. Eat well and drink plenty of water.


Be present, talk to your children ask them how they  feel. With so much uncertainty going on in the world I’m sure there are lots of questions to be asked, but keep things in perspective and only tell your children what they need to know. Don’t create more worry for them.


Keep up the fantastic job you are already doing supporting your children at home. You could also try learning a new hobby, read together, do some baking, or even spend time teaching your child to tie his or her shoe laces,  life skills are so important to teach our children, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. 


Encourage kindness and encourage our children to share their feelings with us, learn the art of appreciation and think about all the good things that people are doing for us, and what we can do when we come out of this. 

Most importantly I want to say stay safe, and enjoy this precious time at home if you can. Your wellbeing is vital in these times. 

Thank you 

Miss Norsworthy 

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