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Principal’s Letter April 2020

2nd April 2020

To our Carlyle Community,

Firstly, can I say thank you to the Carlyle and Harmony Trust Team who have made my transition back from Maternity Leave smooth. It has been quite a week of understanding fully the huge efforts everyone in our community has been making during this difficult period.

I would like to say thank you to everyone for keeping children safe at home during this period. It is so helpful to know that we all want to listen to the Government and Stay Home and Stay Safe. For some this is not possible and that is why we have a limited number of staff who are supporting the work of these key workers. I know you’ll join me in saying a huge thank you to those frontline key workers.

To set the scene further, we understand the impact of having children at home whilst attempting to work. There have been many times this week where my daughters have need Mummy whilst I have been trying to fulfil my role as Headteacher. To ease the pressure, I have used my daughter’s school tasks as a pick and mix alongside the nurture my daughters need and maximising my capacity with the work at Carlyle. Please do not put too much pressure on yourself and take this approach.

We have many in our community who will be feeling the full effects of Covid19. We need to be extra brave at this time within our family units. It is vital that we look after each other and continue where able to keep our children at home where it is truly safer for them. This keeps everyone in our community safe.

We are going to be publishing a weekly roundup of learning top picks for you. Please do understand that there is no expectation on our part for you to do everything. Essential activities you can plan in for your child include daily reading together, playing games, learning how to help where appropriate around the home and showing them an abundance of love.

On a final note, I’d like to share that we will continue to update you as and when we know any further information. Please ensure that you have signed up to our website mailing list, app and Twitter feed.

We are here for you and miss you all. Feel free to make contact with us via the school email and we will get back to ASAP.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Laura Besenzi, Principal

A note about Mental Health, written by our TA, Miss Norsworthy

(with links to other sites)

First of all I’d like to say hello to everyone, and hope that you are all keeping well and safe during this time. We have heard a lot about how we can keep ourselves and others safe around us by following all the advice given to us regarding washing our hands and social distancing, but I’d like to just grab your attention and talk about how we can look after not only your own but our children’s mental health and managing our wellbeing during such times. 

Create a routine that prioritises looking after yourself and others.

Here are my five easy steps to follow at home for mental wellbeing.


Try and help children stay connected to friends and loved ones, whether that’s an hour a day on a supervised gaming platform or a telephone. We like to FaceTime our loved ones in my household . It will help them stay connected to family and friends.

2.Be active

My favourite! Put an hour a day aside to go outside; with this lovely weather you can dust those bikes off and go for a ride, or even have a kick about. Try to encourage exercise daily – it will do wonders for your wellbeing. Eat well and drink plenty of water.


Be present, talk to your children ask them how they  feel. With so much uncertainty going on in the world I’m sure there are lots of questions to be asked, but keep things in perspective and only tell your children what they need to know. Don’t create more worry for them.


Keep up the fantastic job you are already doing supporting your children at home. You could also try learning a new hobby, read together, do some baking, or even spend time teaching your child to tie his or her shoe laces,  life skills are so important to teach our children, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. 


Encourage kindness and encourage our children to share their feelings with us, learn the art of appreciation and think about all the good things that people are doing for us, and what we can do when we come out of this. 

Most importantly I want to say stay safe, and enjoy this precious time at home if you can. Your wellbeing is vital in these times. 

Thank you 

Miss Norsworthy 

Try clicking these links for more help:

Reminder from Gavin Williamson on Staying Safe and Home Learning Opportunities


Thank you to everyone who is supporting our school and our most crucial key workers at this time, with our limited staff available. We really appreciate your support in staying home.


We have also updated our website with Home Learning activities to take part in if you would like to.

Please click on this link to find and use them.

If you need any assistance during this time, please contact

School closure plans re: Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Due to the Government announcement on Wednesday 18th March, 2020, we are closing our academies today (Friday 20th March) until further notice.

Provision has been made for vulnerable children and children whose parents/carers are defined by the Government as key workers. The parents/carers of these children have been contacted separately.

All other children will need to stay at home, so please do not send your child to school from Monday (23rd March) onwards.

If you would like to contact school during the closure, please do so via email using Please give the following information:

  •  Your name
  •  Your child’s name and class
  • The reason for contact
  • Who you would like to reply.

For any safeguarding concerns please contact:

We will endeavour to respond to respond initially within 72 hours, but please bear with us if this timescale is lengthened owing to issues beyond our control.

I understand that for many parents/carers closing the school will cause significant challenges. Please be assured that we will do everything we can to keep you up to date.

We will continue to update the front page of our website with any relevant information, including how you can continue to support your children’s learning at home.

Thank you for your continued support,
Antony Hughes
The Harmony Trust
Northmoor Academy