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Principal’s Letter April 2020

2nd April 2020

To our Carlyle Community,

Firstly, can I say thank you to the Carlyle and Harmony Trust Team who have made my transition back from Maternity Leave smooth. It has been quite a week of understanding fully the huge efforts everyone in our community has been making during this difficult period.

I would like to say thank you to everyone for keeping children safe at home during this period. It is so helpful to know that we all want to listen to the Government and Stay Home and Stay Safe. For some this is not possible and that is why we have a limited number of staff who are supporting the work of these key workers. I know you’ll join me in saying a huge thank you to those frontline key workers.

To set the scene further, we understand the impact of having children at home whilst attempting to work. There have been many times this week where my daughters have need Mummy whilst I have been trying to fulfil my role as Headteacher. To ease the pressure, I have used my daughter’s school tasks as a pick and mix alongside the nurture my daughters need and maximising my capacity with the work at Carlyle. Please do not put too much pressure on yourself and take this approach.

We have many in our community who will be feeling the full effects of Covid19. We need to be extra brave at this time within our family units. It is vital that we look after each other and continue where able to keep our children at home where it is truly safer for them. This keeps everyone in our community safe.

We are going to be publishing a weekly roundup of learning top picks for you. Please do understand that there is no expectation on our part for you to do everything. Essential activities you can plan in for your child include daily reading together, playing games, learning how to help where appropriate around the home and showing them an abundance of love.

On a final note, I’d like to share that we will continue to update you as and when we know any further information. Please ensure that you have signed up to our website mailing list, app and Twitter feed.

We are here for you and miss you all. Feel free to make contact with us via the school email and we will get back to ASAP.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Laura Besenzi, Principal

Data Sharing Notification : 1st April 2020

In line with our published policy, we hereby notify parents / guardians of the following addition / change / amendment to our data (privacy) statement :

The addition of :

Aspect Nature of Material Where It Appears Why We Have It Who It Can Be Accessed By Disposal
Contact Details for the Provision of National Meal Vouchers for Children In Receipt of Free School Meals Pupil Names FSM Status E-mail Addresses Provided To Edenred – Company Appointed By DfE To provide Vouchers During Corona Virus Pandemic Currently Provided To Us As part of the Parent Pay Registration OR School Admission Data Only By Edenred / DfE Will Be Disposed Of In Accordance With UK Govt Directives (TBC)

Covid-19 – National Free School Meal (FSM) Voucher Scheme – do we have your correct email address?

As you may have seen in the media the government have now rolled out the national free school meal voucher scheme which will now be used to issue weekly vouchers​(excluding school holidays) to families eligible for FSM.

We will start to access the scheme from Monday 20th April, following the Easter Break.  You will receive an email with an e-Code and instructions on how to download a voucher for your chosen supermarket.

The vouchers will equate to £15- per eligible child per week and we hope to process the first ones on or before Monday 20th and Monday 27th April and on a weekly basis thereafter until your child returns to school.

In order to make sure you can access your voucher please make sure we have the correct and latest email address, if you are unsure please email:

Giving the name of your child and your preferred email address and we can then make sure that you receive the activation email for your vouchers.

Please note there have been reports of families, not ours, receiving scam emails and text messages from fraudsters asking for banking details in order to provide access to FSM vouchers, we will never ask for your bank details in order to supply the vouchers if you receive such requests please delete them as they will be fraudulent.

Follow this link for further DFE Guidance